Arched Picket Vinyl Fencing

      Vinyl fencing combined with the classic picket fencing style of colonial America is one of our most iconic fencing solutions for many homes. These fences increase the aesthetic appeal of your property with eye pleasing lines. Vinyl picketed fencing is also an excellent choice for low maintenance fencing solution. All our picket vinyl fencing is UV rated to withstand UV degradation for at least 15 years. There is no need to paint these fences or to replace parts as they have aluminum parts that resist corrosive weather elements over the years.

      Vinyl picket fences are great for small children or pet security to keep them in your yard and to deter wild animals from entering the enclosure. All our fencing installations are done with our professional staff with at least 5+ years of installation experience supervising the process. Basically, don't worry we got your install and will make sure it is done right the first time.


      Do you have a vinyl picket fence that needs repair work? Well we are surprised at that, as they are excellent at resisting damage. We find that there are only 3 reasons a fence needs repair:

  • Poor installation

  • Accidental damage (Kids running into it to catch the football)

  • Vandalism

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Use the image to the right in MS Paint to draw a basic diagram of your fencing project, with measurements in feet & inches. Right click with your mouse and save the image file to your computer. Alternatively you can draw on a sheet of paper,take a picture of it and upload it. Regardless, both need to be accurate with the measurements to assure proper ordering.

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